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I would love to consult with you regarding your needs to determine if they fall within the scope of my training, experience and interests.

Professional Interests

Preworking & Reworking Relationships

We can ...

Prework your relationship to give you skills prior to engaging in a relationship.

Rework your existing relationship.


I am passionate about teaching healthy relationship skills

Evaluate relationship rules of engagement


Obtain awareness about healthy and unhealthy relationship features 


Develop healthy communication, attachment, boundaries and more

Social skills…what are those…why do I need them…what will they do for me?

Do You ...

View yourself as socially awkward

Dread social settings or avoid them altogether

Feeling conflicted because you keep telling yourself you like being alone but often feel lonely and wish you had more friendships ​

Let’s work on your social skills and maybe a little social anxiety too!

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)
It’s NOT ADD! I know you are saying…”but I am not hyperactive!”

Ok, let’s talk ADHD types!



Reads while doing a headstand off the couch!


Inattentive Type

”What did you say?” … I was hyperfocused!

ADHD Common Co-occurring Disorders:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Addiction

Let me just say…I have A LOT of personal experience in this area.


As an advanced degreed professional and someone who has been diagnosed ADHD; I have been on a personal journey pursuing advanced skills that will assist in achieving my academic and professional ambitions.

Let’s just say I may know a thing or two about ADHD! 


Treatment Focus & Experience

Teens 15yrs+, adults, couples, and families

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